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Re: DTI: Forgotten History by C. L. Bennett Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I got this from the bookstore called BARNES AND NOBLES

It cost about 8 dollars or so and I read all the way to chapter 3 so far. I didn't know that they could walk to the warp core on ENTERPRISE 1701 I always saw Commander Scott in those little tubes when he was ixing things. Sometimes you can see the ships engine in the background so it was sorta of confusing in my mind where exactly these people were when they were talking. (Delgado and Kirk and Scott.) So i made up a little room in my head. Because i didnt think you could go behind the screen. It wasn't safe or something. But anyway it said when Scott needed to fix the warp core direcetly it was easier to fix it being in the little tubes.(?) Okay!

that was the only part that confused me so far, I cant wait to read more but work time is soon!
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