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Re: TV Guide: Will Netflix Give Jericho (Another) New Life?

Bet they can get Skeet. What's he been up to lately? I liked Esai Morales' character a lot, and he's at liberty as well. Lennie James' Gotham pilot is looking iffy for pickup, but I'd rather see him on The Walking Dead. Why introduce him as a character just to forget about him???

Really, the core of what they need is a civilian character (Skeet), a military character (Morales), and they can rebuild from there. The incipient civil war plotline really piqued my interest. They should forget about the conspiracy plotline (whatever started the war) because it was silly; anyway, they did explain it (if you can call that an explanation), so there's no mystery left there.

Unlike some of the other shows they've talked about reviving - which were justifiably cancelled - Jericho was getting better and there's more story to be told. If Netflix can convince CBS to let them revive Jericho, what beloved sci fi franchise might be next...?
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