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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Discussion

Yeah the supposed heroine and her lackeys are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

I think they made Klaus too powerful and too bad. Then they tried to show us something/someone that Klaus feared and it fell flat because they burned through the threats too quickly.

Then they tried to neuter him. I like Joseph Morgan as an actor but the show has ruined his character. There is no place for Klaus to go.

I felt for the character when it was reavealed that Daddy not so dearest was hunting him, but then to have mommy come in the same season and try to do the same thing? Meh.

Although Rebecca aggravates me, she is somewhat tolerable because you see how her need for acceptance drives her decisions.

Klaus claims he wants family but then does everything possible to make sure that no one attends his b-day party.

Elijah was and still is the Hoover of the family. His sole purpose seems to be running after his siblings with a pooper scooper.

Kol was painted before his arrival as something of an implaccable psycho, but he has been given nothing to truly do. Elijan insinuated that Klaus should fear Kol being undaggered but Kol has run around like Klaus' errand boy.

Bonnie is just plot any more. The poor woman only exists as a magical escape hatch.

Caroline and Tyler work well together but having Tyler go away for so long took momentum from their story.

Elena is just an idiot. Jeremy bless him is just dull.

Matt's sole purpose at this point seems to be standard BFF. Need a distraction or a shoulder to cry on? Call the Quarterback.

The Salvatores - Stefan should just date Dr. Fell as the actress is his real life wife. Damon ..... I don't know. They have killed his BFF and Elena is just....

Maybe they need to focus more on adventure and less on who is zooming who?
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