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Re: Grant Morrison thinks Batman is gay!

They all have their strengths and weakness.

Nolan does a good job of delving into the thematic conflict between Batman and his rogues. Ra's and Bruce (in their differing ideas of justice). Joker and Bruce (chaos vs order). But the stylistic choices don't work very well.

Burton does manage to capture the stylistic parts in the whole gothic city. But there is nothing special about his characterization.

Timm and Dini did do well on the stylistic parts such as gotham and the anachronistic era along with great characterization for Joker, Batman and Freeze. But the limitations of 20 minutes they really couldn't explore the themes very well at least in comparison to Nolan.

Morrison attempts to bring Batman into new unexplored territory. He tries to put Bruce into a variety of new extreme situations to see how the character adapts and tries to move the character beyond the childhood trauma. He is about embracing the whole of bat history.

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