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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x18 - "The Calling"





Open on the station’s infirmary, dim and quiet. It’s night shift, and the only person around is a CLEANER polishing the floor with a beam of light from a large and clumsy device. We don’t even need to see the Cleaner’s face – that’s not the point. As he or she goes about their work...

GARAK (v.o.)
My dear Doctor... I have had to
send this communication through
a rather circuitous route to
prevent it from being exposed
to anyone but you. If some
unfortunate soul does manage to
get his hands on this, it’ll be
the last thing he’ll ever hold.

We move gradually around the room, observing the bio-beds, the instruments, the surgical suite, the pharmacy.

GARAK (v.o.)
All this sounds extreme, I know.
But I assure you, I’m not simply
sending a poison pen letter
because I got up on the wrong
side of the bed this morning.
I count myself fortunate to
have gotten out of bed at all.
But more about that later.

The Cleaner moves on to casting the light over the walls, removing grime from simple wear and tear.

GARAK (v.o.)
Despite the fact that you have
disappeared without a word, I’m
hopeful you’re still alive. And
though I know you wouldn’t
abandon me without good reason,
I have to admit I’m a little
piqued. The last time we met,
you promised you would be there
to help me. And yet you are
nowhere to be found.

The cleaner moves to the CMO’s desk, upon which a padd sits. He or she begins polishing the surfaces with a cloth.

GARAK (v.o.)
It’s not a question of blame,
Doctor. Such a childish word.
No, it’s about responsibility.
If one is encouraged by a dear
friend to take on a dangerous,
indeed life-changing course of
action, and is promised support
for this action, how is one to
react when that dear friend and
his promised support vanish?


Garak’s vision of the cocktail party in the Ward Room, hazy and strange. Everyone is happy, smiling, mingling in peace and companionship. Bashir pushes forward out of the crowd and embraces Garak like a long-lost friend.

GARAK (v.o.)
There are those who have tried
to convince me our encounter in
the Vinculum was nothing more
than a dream I had.


Garak sits inside his shack, looking out at the devastation outside with depression and doubt. The Cardassian doctor Parmak is in the doorway, trying to buck him up.

GARAK (v.o.)
Doctor Parmak among them.


At the cocktail party, Garak watches the mingling figures, curious, intrigued.

GARAK (v.o.)
I can’t fault him for it. If one
has never been in the Vinculum,
one can never understand a place
where past, present and future
combine. Where the neat lines we
draw between dream and reality,
between the living and the dead,
have no more meaning than spices
in a karalian stew. I don’t claim
to know the how and why. But I
believe it was you I encountered
in that place. And that’s why
I’m writing to you now.


Doctor Parmak’s isolation room. Ferric lies dying on the bed. Ekosha sits by the side, praying over him.

GARAK (v.o.)
When I came to the Vinculum, I
was a man on an errand. To find
a cure or vaccine to the virus
we had unwittingly unleashed
upon ourselves by opening the
Hebitian ruins at Gardat. You
gave me that cure, Doctor...
and something more.


After the vision, Garak walks back up the hill into the light, with the answer to his questions.

GARAK (v.o.)
So when I left the Vinculum, I
was a man on a mission. I was
determined to step out of the
shadows as you advised me, and
guide Cardassia back to the
light of civilization.


Garak gazes out of his shed to the destroyed memorial in which it sits...

GARAK (v.o.)
But that light faded. The harsh
reality of trying to bring order
out of Cardassian chaos brought
me back to the Vinculum on two
further occasions. But I found no
healing or relief. No Federation
support... and no Doctor Bashir.


Back to the Infirmary. The cleaner polishes the surfaces... and knocks the padd off the top. They lean down to pick it up, and as they place it back on the surface, we focus on its screen... which shows a headshot of GARAK.

GARAK (v.o.)
Whatever has happened to you,
my friend, my fervent hope is
that this communication will
find its way to you one way
or another.

The cleaner moves off to carry on their work, giving the padd no more thought. But we continue to slowly close in on the padd and its image of Garak.

GARAK (v.o.)
But I still wonder... where
are you, Doctor?



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