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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x17 - "Reservoir Ferengi"





NOTE: All of Sc 1 takes place in one long, unbroken cut.

We begin on the starfield, glittering peacefully, a vast and deep sea of stars. Move gradually forward through it, turning slightly...

And a star system comes into view. A bright main-sequence star at its centre, burning away.

An EXPLOSION happens just off-screen – no noise in the vacuum, but a bright flare of fuel and oxygen burning up and snuffing out quickly. The blast sends debris tumbling across the screen – identifiably a section of a starship, although belonging to whom we can’t tell.

Move on past the debris. We see another ship – small and winged, a fighter. It glides across the screen, just as a missile zooms into view, and hits the fighter. Both go up in another explosion.

Turning slightly again in the direction of the missile’s point of origin, a planet can now be seen. Another missile launches from its surface, arcing out of orbit into space.

We follow the missile, and as we do, we travel past more ships, more missiles criss-crossing each other’s paths, unmanned orbital defence platforms firing phaser beams at everything that moves.

Still following the missile, we now see its target – another planet within the system. Ships and missiles and phasers all around us as we dive down towards the surface.

The planet grows and grows in our vision as we near the surface, and finally we hit the atmosphere. The tip of the missile glows with heat and friction as we push through the air, never slowing. With atmosphere to carry it, we now hear the sounds of battle. Phasers SCREAM, explosions ROAR, vessels CRUNCH.

We follow the missile through the cloud cover, and we see the planet’s surface at last. Green expanses, white-tipped mountains, gleaming rivers, technologically advanced but environmentally respectful architecture, all marred by the signs of war and conflict. Buildings ruined, gouges in the ground, crashed ships burning in piles of rubble.

The missile plummets towards one of the larger buildings, an official government structure, and hits. The building is obliterated in a massive conflagration. Nearby fighters swerve out of the way to avoid the flames.

We travel on past the explosion, to another building a little further away. This is a large pyramid, glass surface shining in the sun, truncated on the top to make a flat landing area. More fighters launch from hatches in the sides of the buildings, zooming out to join the battle.

As we come closer to the building, we see figures fleeing in panic on the ground. Crowds of people – alien but humanoid. They run towards the shuttle port, desperately hoping to catch a ride out of here.

But on the flat top of the building, a large non-combat vehicle is lifting off – an escape shuttle. As it roars up into the sky, the people stop and gaze up at it in dismay. They missed their ride.

We keep going towards the shuttle port, closer towards the glassy surface. We go in THROUGH one of the jagged, smashed windows into the inside of the building.

This was once a comfortable, classy departure lounge, plush and well-appointed for well-heeled travellers. Now there are fires burning, furniture thrown, information screens smashed and sparking with cut wires.

And there are more figures inside – a squadron of soldiers, clad in hard black armour, face-obscuring helmets, roaming through the room weapons drawn, on the lookout for enemies.


The soldiers creep into another room, and the front-most soldier is instantly SHOT down with a phaser blast to the chest. His comrades return fire...

...At another group of soldiers – similar black armour but with a coloured slash of paint to tell them apart. The first group dive for cover behind some nearby furniture, exchanging fire. Phaser blasts shoot back and forth.

CLOSE on the first group. The dead soldier has been dragged to safety by one of his comrades. The comrade shakes with fear, his terror and confusion clear even in this faceless blank armour. This is the first time he’s ever seen a dead body, and the whole situation is really hitting home.

In a burst of panic, he pushes backwards, retreating on his backside to a wall behind cover, where he curls up and hugs himself, paralyzed with fear. Meanwhile, we hear the sounds of more shots fired, more pieces of furniture and machinery exploding in shards, more bodies hitting the floor.

There’s a collective gasp from the soldiers, the terrified man looks up to see why...

Another figure enters the room, running from phaser shots that follow him. Much larger than the others, a comparative giant. In fact, as we stay at the level of the soldiers, we can’t even see this new figure’s face, only the chest down. His outfit was probably nice before he got in a fire-fight.

The soldiers have now stopped shooting at each other out of simple shock. The surviving ones on both sides are watching this new figure, amazed and confused.

Having escaped the first barrage of phaser fire from his pursuer, the figure turns and fires back the way he came. And there, following him into the room, is a second giant.

The two giant figures shoot and dodge, shoot and dodge, all above the soldiers’ level of vision, only their chests and running legs visible. After a few moments, the sounds of the phasers sputter and die – out of power.

In roar of rage, one of the giants throws his empty weapon right at his enemy, where it BONKS him on the head.


In revenge, the second charges directly for the first, engaging him physically. But as it happens, the first is stood right in front of one of the smashed, broken windows. Too furious to stop the momentum, the two battling giants tumble out of the window and disappear from sight.

We can still hear them though, as they shriek in surprise and fear, and pain from the continuing bonks and punches.

As the sounds fade, the two groups of soldiers finally poke their heads out from cover. Shooting at each other seems to have slipped their minds now – they’re too surprised by what just happened.

Wasn’t that –

Yeah, I think it was.

They’re not with you?

We thought they were with you!

Clearly, they weren’t with either group. Confused, the leaders of each group creep together towards the window. They peer over the edge, looking down...

...and the two giants are tumbling over and over down the slant of the pyramid, still caught up in their fight.


Outside the building, the two giants are an unidentifiable flurry of punches and scratches and yells and yelps. They roll over each other on their way down the slanted surface towards the ground.

They bonk off chunks of rubble and other bodies of soldiers half-hanging out of windows. Finally they tumble all the way to the bottom, landing in a pile on the ground.

Around them are half a dozen more dead bodies, black-clad soldiers in twisted poses, weapons abandoned beside them. With a grunt of effort, one giant throws the second off. Both scramble away, reaching in desperation for the guns.
They both grab a weapon each, spinning on the spot to point them at each other’s face. And we finally see who they are.

BRUNT, formerly of the Ferengi Commerce Authority, is bloodied and bruised, and seething with righteous fury. He pants from exhaustion, holding the weapon steady on...

GAILA, wily and amoral cousin of Quark, just as battered and torn as Brunt, and holding his weapon just as fiercely.

Gaila. If only you were Quark...
That’s the only way this moment
could be any more delicious.

You’re finished too, Brunt! It’s
a mutual loss scenario!

Keeping his weapon trained on Gaila, Brunt glances to the side. Black-clad soldiers are closing in on them from all directions, weapons drawn and pointed at the pair of Ferengi. Brunt sighs and shakes his head.

How did my life come to this?

On Brunt’s panting, furious face...



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