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DS9 Season 10, ep 10x17 - "Reservoir Ferengi"

Previously, on DS9 Season 10:

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All episodes are also available at the Ad Astra fan-fic archives, link here.

Next up is 10x17 "Reservoir Ferengi"

Now, as you may know, this is in fact an already officially published story, written by professional author David A MacIntee (aka TBBS board member Lonemagpie). I chose to include it in my season because it fits perfectly timeline-wise (the text explicitly states it takes place over the year following KRAD's Satisfaction Is Not Guaranteed, which I adapted as epsiodes 11 and 12 of season 9), and because it provides me with another at least semi-comedic story in what is really a pretty heavy set of episodes.

The story as adapted is almost identical to David's original, albeit definitely abridged. I lay no claim to the original storyline, dialogue or scene descriptions, which come almost entirely from David's story and are his intellectual property. I have, however added my own subplots to further my own arcs for the season. All the station-bound parts of this episode are my own work, except for the very last scene which is also from David's original and inspired that station-bound subplot.

As to the legality of uploading another person's story to the boards for free perusal, I asked for and received David's explicit permission to do so, provided that he have last say over the content, which is his right. It was extremely generous of him to do so, and I am very grateful. I have enjoyed all of David's work that I have read, and definitely recommend that anyone who enjoys this go and buy one of his books. The story on which this episode is based, Reservoir Ferengi, originally appears in the Seven Deadly Sins collection, available here.

All that said, onto the episode. As usual the PDF can also be downloaded here.


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