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Re: Red Dwarf series 9 (or is it 10?) in 2012 confirmed by Craig Charl

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So is 'Back to Earth' any good? It's the only Red Dwarf I haven't seen, and I was just curious if it was worth the 20 bucks Amazon is asking for it.
It's hit and miss. The story has some great homages to a certain famous SF film (I won't spoil), and we also get to see a pre-Two and a Half Men Sophie Winkleman in a key role. It also gets really meta for a good chunk of it.

If you are familiar with the series, it's a hoot (I'm trying not to spoil here) though the lack of a live audience is a detriment. But it's not a place to come in on the ground floor - get one or more of the other seasons first.

It does have the added benefit of being the only Red Dwarf "season" available on Blu-ray (you won't see the others done that way because they're all videotaped except for the shot-on-film Series VII).

"These are historical documents - preserving them is important. Tarting them up for a night out in the twenty-first century is unnecessary" - Toby Hadoke, "Should mistakes in old episodes of Doctor Who be fixed on DVD" (Doctor Who Magazine #445)
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