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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Ambassadors, who live on Nimbus III.
B is for Bag of Food. Silver bag. Which Uhura brings for Scotty while he's making repairs and adjustments to the new Enterprise-A's bridge
C is for Centre of the Galaxy, where Not-God lives
D is for deceit which HWING (He Whom is Not God) practiced
E is for Enterprise NCC 1701-A
F is for the feline dancer/stripper that attacked Kirk on Nimbus III.
G is for God. What does He need with a starship?
H is for Hanging conduit. That Scotty knocks himself unconscious on.
I is for Impossible. As in it's Impossible for the Enterprise to have reached the center of the galaxy so very quickly. If it was; then Voyager would have been home by the second episode.
J is for J'onn. He has only a field of empty holes, and seeks what all men have sought since time began.
K is for Korrd. General Korrd. The Klingon whose military strategies were once required reading for cadets at Starfleet Academy.
L is for Long-lost brother, what Sybok was to Spock
M is for Mortified. As in the correct emotional response to seeing Uhura doing her fan dance.
N is for Nimbus III, "the Planet of Galactic Peace."
O is for Old Chair that Kirk misses. His new Captain's Chair is broken. And squeaks.
P is for Photon Torpedo, which can't hurt our invulnerable heroes but can irritate Not-God.
Q is for Quest...which Sybok and his followers were on to find Sha Ka Ree.
R is for Romulan females. (General Korrd has heard they are... different)
S is for Sha-Ka-Ri, Vulcan's Eden
T is for Terrible. Which this movie is.
U is for Unappealing. Which most of Bran Ferren's f/x were.
V is for Vorta Vor, another name for Eden. And V is for Vixis, the Klingon female officer that Sulu and Chekov were drooling over.
W is for Water...something Nimbus III sorely lacked and J'Onn was drilling for when he first met Sybok. It's also for Warner, David Warner. Who was also in STVI.
X is for Xenotheology. Yes it is. For instance, one of Not-God's forms is an Andorian deity.
Y is for Yawning holes in the plot which allowed some really weird and illogical stuff to happen.
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