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Re: Brad Bird all but confirmed as "Mission: Impossible IV" director

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Beyond Michelle Monaghan, has any female character appeared in more than one Mission: Impossible film?
Thandie Newton was supposed to reprise her role for MI:III before she had to drop out. Her role was eventually changed, cast, and then completely dropped from the screenplay.
Thandie Newton's character is an even worse example of how poorly the Mission: Impossible films view and treat women. In M:I-2 she was just a possession bandied about between Tom Cruise and what's-his-nuts-who-wasn't-Wolverine. Again we find the female lead of the film put in a position where she's got to seduce the villain in order to help the hero.

I can accept it from a film like Hitchcock's Notorious because of when it was made, or even the reverse - Tanya Romanova being used to seduce James Bond so SPECTRE can finally off him in From Russia With Love, but in the modern, 21st century world there are a dozen better ways to plot a movie than this lazy avenue they've taken. The big bad boys club of action movies can tolerate a strong, well-written female lead without resorting to these antiquated tropes from the tired formulas of the past.
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