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Re: DTI: Forgotten History by C. L. Bennett Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Sho wrote: View Post sadly doesn't stream to Germany, and Netflix isn't available at all.

I'm actually somewhat curious as to why I've never watched it, though. After all, I've seen every other episode in the franchise at least three times (and that's definitely the low-low-lower bound ...). Maybe it never aired in Germany while I was growing up? Though that doesn't explain why I never sought it out later ...

Ah well, maybe Forgotten History is the kick in the butt I needed. To stay on topic: Since Watching the Clock is the only 2011 release I read in 2011 (because I'm so far behind everyone in all the series, and the description made it seem fairly stand-alone initially) I'm really looking forward to reading this one, since it's likely to be also the only 2012 release I read in 2012. Basically, DTI is my lifeline to the TrekLit frontier right now.

Not sure how old you are, but I am 33 and in my lifetime, I have no recollection of TAS ever being aired on tv, even in re-runs. Whereas all other shows are re-shown somewhere every day.

I have seen very little of TAS. Still finding time to watch it on

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