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Re: Grant Morrison thinks Batman is gay!

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So, yeah. Semple got Batman. As does Morrison. As will the next "successful" writer.
So financial success now equals creative quality here? I guess the writers of "the World According to Jim" "got" comedy and the writers of "Arrested Development" did not.
I didn't say anything about financial success. That's YOUR measure.

His Batman, West's Batman STILL figures into the culture. People still talk about it, think about it, want to own it. Just as NO one talks about The World According to Jim, but EVERYONE still talks about Arrested Development.

It CONNECTED and still does. Semple's Batman may not be YOUR Batman, but, AGAIN, that's what's great about the CHARACTER, he can BE reinvented for the time that he's being written in and it can still work.

Don't like Semple's Batman, fine, there are other equally valid interpretations of the character. But his Batman, West's Batman was perfect for the TIME THAT IT WAS CREATED IN.

Just as Miller's was right for the 80s, O'Neil's for the 70s.

It's the same for Superman, for Spiderman. There is no one singular "getting the character." Great characters, great stories last because we can see new things in them. And then a new generation comes a long.

Or would you prefer a fixed interpretation? Then which one? Miller's? Kane's? Synder's? Which fossilized version do you want to choose?

The same for Superman. Which Superman do you want for all time? Byrne's? Swan's? Who?
Batman does not eat nachos.
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