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Both of you have seven from my list. Together you have come up with 8. Movies are included. Picard actually doesn't time travel in Yesterday's Enterprise. Others do, but not him. Inner Light was a mind probe. He didn't actually go there. I also counted all the events of Time's Arrow as one event... I guess. Mainly looking for each story that included a Picard time travel event

Q's encounters are all debatable, but I included Tapestry, because it's almost exactly the same event as in All Good Things... even if Picard wasn't sure whether it was real or not. In both, he interacted with people from a different time period of his life. Those people did not seem Q generated, but rather authentic. Unlike Q-Pid, which uses what seems like characters endowed with free will, & no indication that this is anything but a Q creation

Hadn't really considered Hide & Q, but it's hard to argue against, since I've included 2 other Q events. Did they actually mention time being suspended?
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