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Re: Star Trek: Nightingale: "The Ruse"

Stardate 53208.7
USS Nightingale, Docked at Starbase One One Two, Mess Hall

Nurse Williams entered the mess hall rubbing her temple. She had just spent the last hour attempting to work out the new duty roster for the nurses. She had a hell of a job to do and even her typical perky mood was taking hits from the difficult job she had to complete before they left the station. As she went to the replicator she noticed that there was only one more person sat in the mess hall, Lieutenant Visitor. Nurse Williams gave a warm smile in her direction and proceeded to the replicator, "Apple juice, five below centigrade," she ordered from the machine. As her drink materialised in the unit, she turned round to notice that Lieutenant Visitor was looking unusually glum. Williams considered that Chloe Visitor was similar to herself in attitude, she seemed hard working and always happy, but the last week Lieutenant Visitor had seemed a little depressed.

Nurse Williams grabbed her drink and approached the young Lieutenant and gestured towards an empty seat, "Anyone sitting her Lieutenant?" she asked trying on a big smile. Chloe barely moved a second, clutching her mug of brown liquid in her hand. "Lieutenant?" Williams asked again, with a smile broadening on the face.

Chloe suddenly woke up from her trance and looked up from her cup, "I'm sorry Debbie," she replied, "No the seat isn't taken," she replied.

Williams sat down at the chair and placed her padd on the table, with her drink next to it. "Got some bad news this week sir?" Williams decided that on this occasion a more direct approach would be needed.

"Huh?" replied Visitor as she suddenly realised she was being engaged in a conversation, "Um... no," she replied, "What makes you think I've had bad news?"

"You've seemed sort of distracted recently," Williams stated, "Was wondering if something was bothering you." Williams felt as if she was taking the young girl and attempting to cuddle her, but this young girl, despite being younger than her, was a superior officer. Chloe in response blushed. "Oh," Williams responded realising what was going on, "I've seen that response before," she announced, "Do you want to tell me about it?"

"What have you seen before?" Visitor asked taking a defensive attitude.

"You've gotten involved with someone, and now you are wondering whether or not it is worth it," Williams replied giving a reassuring smile. Now she knew what the problem was, it was easier to sort out. "It happens to all of us Lieutenant," she continued, "Even to us seasoned women."

"I can't believe that I got involved with someone so early on in my career," Chloe awkwardly replied, Williams noted that she seemed uncomfortable with her actions at the moment. "I wanted to make Captain early; I don't want to be in a relationship which could blind me."

Williams couldn't help but give a small chuckle, the young could be so single minded. "Love doesn't blind you Lieutenant," she explained, "Sometimes it can get in the way, other times it can very useful."

"How can it be helpful?"

"It can be very distracting, allows you to relax at times," Williams chuckled, "Yes relationships can also be tiring, awkward and sometimes even annoying, but they have positives."

"What if you don't know you like the other person? You know in that way?" Chloe said, her blank expression staring at her drink, of what Williams recognised as hot chocolate, although by the look of it, it was now cold.

"Then you need to take some time, think whether or not you want to be in the relationship and then have a conversation with the other person," Williams replied, taking a serious tone probably for the first time in a weeks, "Relationships are always about physical contact, they are also about conversation and spending time together, if you can't do that, the you are not with the right person."

Stardate 53208.9
USS Nightingale, Docked at Starbase One One Two, Captain's Ready Room

Wilcox threw the padd across the room as Hans entered the room behind him. The clanging of the padd against the wall echoing across the room as Hans came to a stop in the room. "Have I come at a bad time Captain?"

Wilcox smirked, "I thought command was pulling my leg when Admiral Naarg gave us our orders," Wilcox paused placing his hands on his waist in an act of defiance, "But no, confirmation of the orders came through minutes ago. We're to proceed to the Geckonian homeworld, pick up two Geckonian representatives and get the meeting place on the border." John turned round and looked at his first officer, "And the worse is yet to come, General Slov is representing the Gorn."

Hans raised his eyebrow, "It is unwise to wish a continuing of a war Captain."

"The man killed members of this crew, eight of them in undeclared war," Wilcox raised his voice he hated the idea of having to deal with a man who was responsible for killing several members of his crew and a good friend. "He's hardly a candidate for diplomat of the year," Wilcox smirked.

"Even so, the Gorn have asked for peace," Hans replied.

"How the hell can you of all people be taking this so easily, you know them better than I. You told me that they often use peace as a ruse, now they are asking for peace, doesn't that sound familiar at all?"

"It is unwise for me to talk to you about such circumstances, they may sway you in your negotiations" Hans replied.

Wilcox shook his head. "You don't believe the Gorn either," John said realising what game Hans was playing, "I knew that earlier, but I can't believe is that you are so willing to go through with it, without a fight."

"We have our orders," Hans replied.

"God damn it," shouted Wilcox, he slammed his fist on the table.

"Should I leave you along sir?" Hans asked in his annoyingly neutral voice.

"No Commander," John sighed, realising what the Geckonian was saying, "I'm sorry, I just find it hard to think I have to drink wine and shake hands with a mass murderer." John paused and sat slowly down behind his desk, "Especially when he could be planning on a way to kill even more people and is just luring us into a false sense of security."

"General Slov has a remarkable consistency in such matters. Although during the Geckonian Gorn war twenty years ago, his attempted second plan was far less successful than he could have ever hoped. for, I doubt the Gorn have developed the means good enough to get them their desired results."

John smirked turning his attention away from the mission, "What did you want to talk to me about?"

Hans handed a padd over to John, "The new duty roster sir with the adjusted crew rotations and training sessions all entered." John took the padd and gave it a brief look over, it seemed such trivial matters in such a galaxy of chaos, deception and anger, but he placed his thumb print on the padd and gave it back to the Commander.

"It's all okay," John replied smiling.

Stardate 53208.9
Meeting Room, Government Building, Gorn Homeworld

Glorth snarled at the scientist he had come to see as he entered the plush meeting room. The two personal guards that followed Glorth everywhere took up station near the door, their menacing look was not for show, he had seen them in action, killing people who would kill him and take him place; they were loyal servants and the only two people he could trust in the whole of the Gorn empire. "You have a progress report do you Doctor?" The hanging paintings of famous warriors of the Gorn empire draped the stone walls of the room, reminding Glorth that victories were thought to be only secured through military might and not through duplicity and science.

"I have perfected the toxin your honour," the scientist grovelled, his head hanged low in submission to his superior. Glorth raised his head to acknowledge the admittance of his status of Alpha Gorn in the room by the weakling scientist. "It is much more potent now than it has ever been."

"You said that last time," sneered Glorth, "And as I recall it was useless then. I would have been better throwing rocks at the Geckonians." Glorth narrowed his eyes and came nose to nose to the scientist, "I would hate to be disappointed again."

The scientist bowed his way out of the confrontation and grabbed a recording device showing the image of a Geckonian, green liquid dripping from the eyes, nose and ears of the man as he lay on the floor. "It took only sixteen hours for the subject to pass out, and another three for him to expire." The scientist paused for a moment, "Anyone who has been infected before should expire quicker."

Glorth let out a loud roar of laughter, "Are there any problems?"

"Yes," the scientist said. Glorth snarled and showed his teeth in anger. "To make the toxin work, I had to completely modify it. It now works on all reptilian species not just the Geckonians."

"That means our own soldiers will be infected and die as well," Glorth went to hit the scientist, angry with his discovery that was proving to be useless. What was the point of attacking the Geckonians, killing them all quickly and then not being able to take their planets because they had poisoned them.

"If you'll excuse me sir," the scientist dodged the arm, "The toxin needs a living host in which to live, and cannot survive more than a couple of hours without one. It is also fast reproducing and can spread through the air," the scientist's eyes closed briefly and a sinister smile spread across his face. "According to by predictions, we could infect Geckonia and be colonising it within forty eight hours."

Glorth nodded his head, giving a sinister smile, "That is the kind of news I like to hear Doctor," he said tapping his huge claws on the dark wooden table, making a dreadful scratching noise. "Go back to your research station and start to produce your toxin in huge quantities," Glorth paused for a second, "How long would it take to produce enough to decimate the Geckonians?"

The scientist gave a laugh that even Glorth felt was scary, "Three weeks," the scientist answered confidently. "Within a month, you could have control of the Geckonian Empire and done what no Gorn has done in two hundred years."

Glorth briefly thought of the pride he would take from that. He would be a national hero; no-one would be able to touch him for life. He could not be assassinated nor replaced. Planets, cities, schools would be named in his honour and the victories he was about to complete. Glorth turned to face his guards, they now were smiling too. He had known each of the for years and could tell that neither of them liked the Geckonians. "Who knows how to make this toxin?" Glorth asked the scientist gently, trying to put a more friendly tone on.

"Only I," replied the scientist, "It is too valuable and dangerous to trust anyone else with it."

Glorth turned to face the scientist, the man was right, it was indeed a dangerous thing to have, no one in the Gorn empire should have the knowledge to replicate it. "My personal guards will take care of you." Glorth stated, "I don't want anything happening to you. You are the key to saving the Gorn empire." And he was also the only one who would be able to challenge his authority when the great victory was won.

"I have my own guards," the scientist replied defiantly. His eyes were hot with anger and Glorth could sense his distrust.

"And I cannot trust them," Glorth tried to reassure the scientist, "I am only thinking of your wellbeing. I don't want you hurt while you are completing your work. There must be many in the empire who would want to kidnap you and continue your work. I would imagine the torture they would use to be painful." Glorth stressed his 'concerns'. "But if you feel that you can take care of yourself, I cannot force my loyal guards who have fought numerous battles to defend you." Glorth turned away from the scientist.

"I guess two more men would make me," the scientist paused and looked at the two large bodyguards, "more secure."

"Good, then it is settled," Glorth said clapping his hands together, "Now go and wait with your shuttle, my guards will meet you there shortly, I will need to get them kitted for the time they will be with you." The scientist nodded and left the room. Glorth approached the two guards and looked at them both in the eye with an evil commanding look, "When he has finished producing the toxin, kill him," he ordered before leaving the highly decorated room alone.
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