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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

125. Never Cry Werewolf: (✩✩½) - Live TV - A girl (Nina Dobrev) suspects that her neighbor is a werewolf and when things go bad, she enlists the help of a washed up celebrity hunter (Kevin Sorbo) to help her stop him. Towards the end of the movie, she sort of becomes a werewolf slayer herself with crossbows, a tight black outfit and whatnot. Funny story... I watched this movie in two installments. Saw the first hour one day and decided to change the channel at the 1 hour mark. Then two days later, I caught it again starting at the one hour mark. Then I thought, why not, I'll just finish the damn thing. It's not a good movie, but Dobrev is good eye candy and Kevin Sorbo is actually funny in his role as the washed up ego-driven celebrity.

126. The Astronaut Farmer: (✩✩✩✩) - DVD - A poor farmer who washed out of the astronaut program decides to build his own rocket and go into space. People think he's nuts, but he perseveres. Billy Bob Thornton stars and he doesn't play his usual asshole character. One can quibble about the logistics of actually building a working rocket and launching it, but I like the message about forging ahead even when others try to discourage you, and the idea of a hobbyist actually building a rocket to go into space is a fun one. The movie wasn't well received, but I loved it.

Theatre: 4
DVD/Blu-Ray: 43
Live TV: 55
Recorded TV: 4
On Demand: 18
Internet: 2
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