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Re: Heads up! MYTHBUSTERS season premiere tonight at 9 Eastern!

Driving in heels/other bad shoes: A surprising result, since I would've figured those awkward types of shoes would indeed cause problems with the pedals. But apparently once you get acclimated to them, it still works. If Jamie and Adam had done badly with the women's shoes, I would've complained that they should've brought in Kari to try it, on the theory that a woman would be more used to wearing heels and might do better. But since even a couple of guys had no trouble at all driving in spike heels, I guess it's unnecessary.

Driving with a full bladder: Kind of a mixed result, since it didn't fit the mythical claim of being as bad as driving drunk, but was still a sufficient impairment to be dangerous. Overall, though, not a subject I want to dwell on.

Superglue/upside-down room: I'm a bit surprised they pulled it off, though I have a couple of quibbles. One, if they really wanted to match the myth of the rock stars and the hotel room, they should've waited to test whether everything stayed stuck to the ceiling for a few hours, since it might've taken a while before the cleaning staff got to the room and discovered what had been done to it. Given that the glue only held the car for a few moments, I think staying power was something they should've tested too.

Superglue as "seatbelt": Not surprising that this didn't work, and the reason for the failure makes sense. Even if the bond formed by the glue is superstrong, the materials that are glued together are not, and can give way under too much force. This myth is based on the same oversight that leads to superhero scenes like Superman lifting an ocean liner without it breaking under its own weight, or Steve Austin lifting a car by its bumper without the bumper just ripping off (or without his non-bionic spine breaking). It's a failure to consider the structural limits of the objects themselves.

And the big question they didn't address is, if you superglued yourself to your car seat, how would you get out? You'd have to abandon that set of clothing, and might need to be cut out of it.

So they're up to Buster 4.0 now. I can see why they needed him -- Buster 3.0 is a wreck. (And that steel-plate superglue trick may have kept him in the seat, but without a headrest he got horrible whiplash.) Buster 4.0 looks pretty clean and pristine -- that won't last long.
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