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Re: Gazomgs Art & Images

Hey, guys, I'm not a moderator or anything like that, but let's dial it back a bit before it comes to that...

gazomg, I think it would be constructive for us to see, for example, the unmodified original image which McFadden's head is applied to in that last image. I would be happy to help you see why the proportions are wrong, but I'd need the original image to do so.

As for the Nazi stuff, you have to realize that people are still pretty sensitive over that sort of thing. I get what you're doing there with the reference to "Patterns of Force". I'm personally not into the BDSM Nazi dominatrix thing myself, but I won't call you names for presenting that. But do be careful, as it's a fine line that could easily be crossed unintentionally and this is supposed to be a family friendly board. It's good practice to provide a clickable link to any image which someone might take as NSFW.

Anyhow, I hope that helps a bit.

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