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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

Really good, better than I expected. Quite possibly better than Mania.

Kane vs Auton was alright, if a bit of a punch match, but it moved around a bit which kept it entertaining. Disappointing result. Not as good as their Mania encounter, and not just because of the result. A big problem with hardcore matches in the current WWE format is the they're not going to go all out like an old ECW or a Foley/Funk bloodbath. For this reason, a proper clean wrestling match like they had at Mania is going to be more satisfying. Still, a decent match.

Miz vs Santino is a real head-scratcher.

Big Slow vs Cody was a boring match with a hilarious conclusion. Big idiot. Big Show's beating him up after, while being extremely cunty for a supposed face, is a further example of how his and Sheamus' character are effectively the same. It's not much difference from the tedious "oi'll kick yur in yur fairce" schtick.

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan might be the second best match of the year so far after Punk and Jericho's Mania match. To give Sheamus credit, he did actually wrestle the match and wrestled it well. Maybe it's the complete fault of the bookers that he's so poor; give him match time and quality opponents and he could be alright. Bryan though was phenomenal. He's a top wrestler and no mistake, and deserves to hold a top belt every bit as much as CM Punk. The outcome was a disappointment, but it was a gripping contest. Perhaps kept from top marks due to Sheamus being that bit too beaten down and so his victory being a bit of a SuperCena.

Clay vs Ziggler
Disgrace. Class act Ziggler is, he put on the best performance possible but he should be competing for world titles, not jobbing like this. I'm not sure if it makes me a bad person, but the mere sight of Hornswoggle inspires murderous rage in me. Depressing all round.

Punk vs Jericho
Took a while to get going, but ultimately a great match with some terrific spots. Not better than their Wrestlemania match, but not many are. Again, not the result I'd want, but great action.

Nikki Bella vs Layla

Lesnar vs Cena
Pretty much a long squash only with Cena winning, but unlike the old Cena template matches this was just about believeable. It was alright. Hey look, blood. Cena's promo after was puzzling.

One of the best things now though is that, despite none of them having the victor I'd prefer (twas ever thus), the two world title feuds and Kane/Orton are over. And there's always hope in the new.
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