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Re: Gazomgs Art & Images

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tells you what you know.The head on the original bodyshot was even bigger.
Doubt it. But why don't you show us the photo you ripped off and prove it to us?

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But then again if you dont like them dont bother replying although you seem to like picking fault at peoples work.
Look, I'm not the only one telling you the heads are too big. It is a common mistake most novice artists make. And I gave you a suggested solution to your problem.

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As for Gates, it was based on the nazis from the original series in keeping with the retro theme , but you obviously were to thick to grasp that.
Riiiight. Hope you enjoyed surfing for Nazi porn to make that image.
Ripped off....??

you mean everyone else uses trek images or are you saying you never ripped off an image ?

Secondly I have no problem with criticism, albertese who replied a few times was contructive in his replies and unlike you dont go around the board moaning just for the sake of it.
And if you want to see the original bodyshot why dont you look for it yourself.

As for Nazi porn ? You might want to get your eyes tested, where is the porn ?
The was no nudity or sex involved.

Where is your artwork since you seem to be such an expert ?
my trek site
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