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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production

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The reality is that unless you're doing super tight closeups of the button, the difference isn't going to be noticeable. It can become a problem if you lose sight of the set as a film set with a practical function and start treating it like a "museum piece".
This is true, but none of the ice trays are even close so it would stand out. I think I have this problem solved thanks to some friends at the TPZ. Looks like the marble problem is solved too. At least things are moving forward on that end.

As far as the build goes, we are right back to where we left off before the move, getting those *^$!@&%$ roof pieces in place and lined up.

I don't mean this to sound sarcastic but if you want to see video of where we are now, you can look at the video we posted the first of January. That's where we are now. While I was away for my paying job nothing got done with the build. I'm back at it now and hopefully we'll start making progress again as soon as we get those *^$!@&%$ roof pieces in place and lined up.

Actually since I've been back we've achieved quite a bit but much of it has been work on the new building instead of the bridge. I promise as soon as we get something new to show I'll post it.

On a side note, we sat in our bridge the other night and watched, on the view screen, Star Trek Phase II, "The Child". If you have not watched this yet it is a must. They have done an incredible job and achieved a new level of quality for a fan film. Great acting, Great story, Great sets, Great CGI, Great directing. It is really like watching a brand new TOS episode. I can't wait for the next episode which as I understand it, won't be long.
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