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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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So you guys would rather have the "gosh, golly, gee whiz" Billy back? The one with absolutely no room for character devolpment in the last 50 years? I would rather have a paint by numbers jerk to hero quest set up, than go back to that again.
There has to be something other than the two extremes.
I'm sure Mike Allred would be able to do an awesome Captain Marvel series. Madman had a likeable do-gooder hero, with an upeat, yet modern sensibility. And he was cool. I've been re-reading some of the original 40's Captain Marvel and it's awesome. Simple four color magic that tells you all you need to know about why the character is still remembered today.

There's a trend where modern comics creators try to take some seemingly crazy concept of old and try to make it workable in a more realistic setting. One of the first of these was James Robinson having the Red Bee show up at a spectral dinner in Starman and make him a more believable character.

(The Red Bee fought crime in early comics with two trained bees. Yeah. Trained bees.)

Since then, we've seen plenty of this with Marvel's "The Twelve" being when the concept started to get old for me, because I had been following these types of stories for some time.

Captain Marvel was not made to be "realistic". Superman works, but Captain Marvel has a comic strip (not comic book) vibe to him. Everything seems especially archetypal and mythic in some of his old stories. Simple primary colors abound, and that's what caught the eyes of kids back in the day.

The attempts by Ordway, Smith and Kunkel were decent enough, but I'd love to see Allred bring his retro vibe to an attempt and I'd like DC to stop with the idiotic notion that this is a character that should be made "realistic", "dark" and "edgy". There's a flood of that on the comics stands, we don't need yet another one.

Yes, the final scene in "First Thunder" was interesting and touching and it also showed perfectly why this concept does not work the more "realistic" you try to make it. Superman's reaction was the reaction of a normal adult, both in the comic world and the real world and Shazam did nothing to change my mind. His attitude was basically "I'm going to subject the boy to this anyway and you can either help, or who knows how he'll deal with it."

They need to be looking at melding Cap's original sensibility with something like Tin Tin. Modern fantasy tales set in a timeless world full of super mythic adventures. A world of mad scientists, giant robots, genius worms and a family of super heroes. A world of that's fun to visit and unapologetic about it.

A world of imagination unbound.

Damn realism, edgy, gritty and cynicism. The world has no shortage of that.
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