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Re: Grant Morrison thinks Batman is gay!

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And its also possible for an interpretation to be the wrong one, even if someone is a good writer.

Again, to use Lorenzo Semple Jr as an example:

In addition to the Batman TV show, the man wrote the screenplays for Papillon, The Drowning Pool , the Parallax View and Three Days of the Condor. Any one of those movies alone would seem to qualify him as a "great writer."

But does that mean he "understood" Batman?

For that matter he wrote the widely-reviled 70s "King Kong" remake. Since he's a "great writer," do we have to assume he "understood" King Kong?

Of course not.
Actually, I would say Semple understood Batman. He understood Batman for the time that he was writing him in. As did Kane... (lol, Kane writing Batman...) in the time he was writing Batman, as did Miller, Morrison, for the times they were writing Batman.

There is no one singular "understanding" of Batman. That's why as a character he has been successful for so long. Because he can be reimagined and reinterperted for each present.

So, yeah. Semple got Batman. As does Morrison. As will the next "successful" writer.
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