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Re: TOS: The Red Ensign by DRGIII - January 2013

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I like Sci's idea about the Red Ensign focusing on privately-owned vessels and/or interstellar trade, although I'm a little hesitant to read too much into the title, since I would imagine it'll probably change before publication, right?
While a title change is certainly a possibility, 99% of the time a Trek book title is usually finilized by the time the public learns about it.
Oh, cool! I was remembering some confusion about Plagues of Night, Raise the Dawn, or the Cold Equations trilogy (I think it was them); wasn't one of those supposed to have "Prophets" in the title or something? But, yeah, I guess that would only have been one book. (Oh, and like, the "Chain of Destiny" stuff.)

Heh, for some reason, knowing that this is almost definitely the final title and not a placeholder has suddenly made me a lot more excited about this book!
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