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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

WWE surprised me by booking the Cena vs. Lesnar to go the way it did, I absolutely agree with the decision though because it allows them to avoid all the bullshit demands that Lesnar made on Raw along with giving Cena his momentum back. Brock lost nothing in this match as he dominated from the beginning and only lost as the result of a cheap shot by a chain and an AA on the steel ring steps (the fact he was still standing after the decision further adds to his toughness.

It sounds like Cena is taking some time out, given his promo at the end of the PPV and I might get trolled for this but I actually felt sorry for John Cena in that match and applauded his efforts. He was brutalised from start to finish and did an incredible job of selling Lesnar's offence. Furthermore, Lesnar hasn't lost his touch, he took an incredible bump from his dive outside the ring and even sold Cena's minimal offence to a decent standard. I normally dislike Cena's character and his in-ring performances, but tonight was a rare exception.

This match was easily Cena's best match of the year so far and hopefully Lesnar can continue on form in his rumoured next feud with Randy Orton.
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