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Re: THE HOBBIT (2012/2013): News, Rumors, Pics Till Release

23skidoo wrote:
There was hell to pay when Jackson cut Tom Bombadil from the trilogy

Bombadil turns it into a musical. Renaissance Faire meets Cop Rock. Anyone expecting to see Bombadil was pretty much on glue.

Bombadil was cut from the cartoon as well, and for all the complaints that project received, I don't recall the lack of Bombadil being one of them.

Also, you might as well have said "cut Tom Bombadil from FOTR", because it's not like he's a factor in the other books.

Allyn Gibson wrote:
The one place that Jackson really needed a reshoot that he didn't do was in the battle at the Towers of the Teeth where he superimposed a cave troll over Sauron. The problem is that Viggo was bathed in light on set (since Sauron was glowy) and he was acting in reaction to what was scripted to be there -- Sauron -- not what ultimately ended up being there -- a cave troll.
Viggo isn't bathed in light during the fight with the troll. The scene with the light on him is before that, just prior to "for Frodo", as the Eye of Sauron seems to be speaking. Apparently physical Sauron was supposed to be there but was replaced by the Eye of Sauron.
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