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Re: Starbuck's speech about Cain

Given Starbuck's personal history, it isn't surprising that she'd gravitate towards somebody like Cain, although she (Starbuck) did have enough sense of what was right and wrong to not let herself be completely caught up in Cain's methods, which were driven by revenge as much as anything else. The gist of Starbuck's speech is that, while Cain's methods might've been more than a bit extreme at times, the woman herself was a person she (Starbuck) was proud to have known and served with even briefly, and that assessment isn't changed, IMO, by anything that we learn in Razor. If anything, what we learn in Razor only strengthens the impact of Starbuck's speech because it shows just how spot-on Starbuck ended up being when assessing and eulogizing Cain.
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