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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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Uh oh. Just been to the earls court/olympia site and LFCC isnt listed there either. There might be a problem since another event is at olympia till july 5th. Lfcc is supposed to be there from july 6-8.
It doesnt give the other show time to move out and LFCC to set up for the next day!
Theres nothing at earls court on those dates though. Maybe they will have to move the venue there.
Shamaster had better get their act together if they expect to have a LFCC in july.
Civil Service Live
Venue: Olympia National Hall
Dates: 03-05 July 2012

Imbibe Live 2012
Venue: Olympia Grand Hall
Dates: 03-04 July 2012

As London Film And Comic Con is in the Olympia Grand Hall from 6th July, what's the problem?
Ive said the problem in my post.
It doesnt give the other show time to move out and LFCC to set up for the next day! The final day of civil service live is the 5th. LFCC is supposed to start on the 6th.
Do you have any idea how much time it takes to set things up and takes things down for an event?
Edited: ok didnt notice the two different halls. But it still doesnt really give the other show time to move out of the grand hall and LFCC to move in.
The event will have to move out of that hall the day it finishes, as otherwise the organisers would have to pay for an additional day of hire, which would cost thousands of pounds

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