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Re: TOS: The Red Ensign by DRGIII - January 2013

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Or the Queen in the bridge chair?
I mean, I was making an allusion to the era of English and British imperialism and conquest, during which time there was usually a King rather than a Queen Regnant.

But there again, most of those ships would have been flying the White Ensign rather than the Red Ensign, soo....

That does raise an interesting question, though. The Red Ensign is usually given to merchant vessels; the Blue Ensign to merchant vessels captained by members of the reserve officer corps, by special permission of the Admiralty; the Green Ensign, once upon a time, by Irish merchant ships under British domination; and the White Ensign by the Royal Navy itself. Does this mean that TOS: The Red Ensign will in some way focus on privately-owned vessels, or interstellar trade, in some sense?
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