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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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I play a Sith Sorcerer in nearly full rakata in a casual guild. Still working on EC, but we mostly run EC/KP HM to have some fun.
That said:
1) No, Armourings do not hold the the Set-Bonus in SWTOR until you get to the latest Tier. They are on the armour "shell" and not movable. So switch away with the mission support armourings on your BM Gear.
2) Black Hole gear can be obtained by doing the weekly quest on Corellia (easy), the weekly Rakghoul FP quest (hard) and doing Ops, notable EV or KP Nightmare or the new one Explosive Conflict.
3) Crit crafted orange gear is superior because it gets an Augment and this means a plus to your main stat. Putting Rakata mods into a orange with an augment gets you something like +18 of you main stat, compared to the Rakata original.
Drawback is that you loose the set bonus.
Campaign gear has its bonus on the armouring, which makes crit orange gear + augment + campaign mods the "Best In Slot" item.
4) I think the fastest way to get PVE gear as a tank is to get on a guild run EV HM as off-tank. Not much in the way of mechanics there, and you can get a lot of Rakata if your lucky.
I went practically HM ops ready in one night. A buncha of the HM geared guildies ran a couple of us n00b geared ones through normal EV and KP to show us the ropes I guess, cause it looks like I'll be expected to tank them for a future group of inductees. Turns out ops are pretty fun (anything in this game is, the first few times) and I do alright following instructions, but I'm not sure about being the one who needs to keep all this shit in mind. Anyway, super pleased there were people around willing to put in all that work, 'cause this means I now have a monster viable tank for PVP, having skipped grinding both battlemaster and dailies. Pubs are still nigh-unbeatable though, what with so many more of them specing heals. This assassin is by far the funnest toon I've rolled, so I'm thinking I probably won't even graduate my other 2 50s from the leveling guild to the endgame guild for the time-being.
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