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Re: Computer hacking or movies where we see innovative use of computer


John Brennick and D-Day upload “D-DAY’S REVENGE VIRUS” just before John’s wife gets an unanesthetized C-section... Also note the system’s wonderfully hamfisted password “CRIME DOES NOT PAY.”

Jurassic Park

As a gang of bloodthirsty velociraptors bear down on our heroes, a middle schooler finds the gumption to hack Jurassic Park’s entire computer system....

Lawnmower Man

The final sequence of Lawnmower Man was impressive for the 90s but looks remarkably hokey nowadays. Jobe is a hyper-intelligent virtual being who has given up his humanity to become pure information...


Matthew Broderick hacks into a NORAD supercomputer, mistakes it for a videogame, and almost starts World War III....

Independence Day

Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith fly into an alien vessel in a 50-year-old space junker, upload a computer virus in less than 5 minutes, and lo! Everything’s compatible! You’d think a race of malevolent extraterrestrials would invest in a better firewall...

The Core

Rat gives Aaron Eckhart free long-distance for life… using nothing but a Wrigley’s wrapper and an early 2000s cell phone...

Superman 3

In a movie where Superman fights his subconscious in a garbage dump, it’s saying a lot that the most implausible detail of the film is that a megacorporation’s security override command is “OVERRIDE ALL SECURITY.”


Hugh Jackman has 60 seconds to hack the Department of defence while Halle Berry sucks him off... If Hugh fails, Vinnie Jones will blow his brains out... Incidentally, this is how any respectable computer science graduate program handles its doctoral exams...

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