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Re: Computer hacking or movies where we see innovative use of computer

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I suppose movies like Hackers or even The Net, both bought something new to the public's knowledge of hacking.
yah, i've seen The Net.

i remember one movie or TV show where there are two guys on a couch relaxing and one guy is on a PC anxiously slaving away and the two guys on the couch are still chilling out and then the guy on the PC says 'it's the FEDs you idiots!' then the other two jump into action. then i'm pretty sure they wipe the PC's before the FED's show up.

anyone know what this is from? i really can't remember.
anyone know what i'm talking about? might be from a tv show.
could be the movie, I never got past the first episode of the TV series.
Im Proud of the BBC
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