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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

I can totally see Giles coming back as Zombie Giles with his head slightly tilted and what not (forcing Angel to kill him again) I just think this is a bad idea, as you say, we've been told time and time again (shown too) this is not a good idea. It'll be interesting to see what Willow thinks of this (or if she's even told of this) during her team up. I just see this entire attempt as Angel trying to make it up to Buffy by bringing back a father figure to her, he knows how important Giles was to her, and the impact of what he did affected him so much he went into a catatonic state it the end of the season IIRC. Again making up for killing Giles. Instead of accepting what he did (no matter how he did it) he is looking for a way to escape responsibility. This is going to be interesting indeed to see how it all comes to fruition.
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