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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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It bugs me still that even though he's acknowledged his mistakes and endures the guilt that they bring on, he is still going through with his goal of resurrecting Giles. Faith is also on board with this now? Or did she say that just to appease him? Also he is supposed to be doing this supposedly to make up for killing Giles while he was influenced as Twilight. Does he seriously think that Buffy will appreciate this? Or be remotely pleased at all by this? It is a point i've brought up before in here. We know she HATED being brought back by her friends...they ripped her from "heaven"(as I type that word I can hear SMG singing it lol)...and Angel probably knows this (doesn't he?) I don't recall if she confided in him about this, we know Spike knows of course. Sigh. I just feel like deep down inside Angel is doing this because Buffy is pissed off at him and this is the best way he can think of to get her to forgive him. It's only going to make her more upset.
Giles being depressed would be the least of their worries (and I think Buffy is now glad she's alive and isn't holding it against Willow) - it's been made clear time and again that people can't be resurrected from a natural death (and getting your neck snapped certainly qualifies as such), or if they are, they'll come back as some sort of abomination, which is why Dawn couldn't resurrect Joyce, and Willow was told by Osiris in no uncertain terms that she can't resurrect Tara. Buffy's death was an exception since she fell into the mystical portal. And that was when there was still magic in the world. I don't see how Giles could be resurrected now that there's no magic, if Tara couldn't when there was magic (and Willow was a powerful witch, but even she couldn't do it).

If they do resurrect Giles, it would break all the rules of the verse and we'd be wondering, well if they resurrect Giles, why not resurrect everyone else? If Angel resurrects Giles, shouldn't he start working on resurrecting the hundreds of Slayers that he got killed during season 8? etc. etc.
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