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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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Finally read Angel and Faith #9 and have to say this was the best issue since the opening arc. Angel and Faith confront each other's pain and are able to overcome Dru and her demon. The last panel I assume sets up the now delayed "Drusilla" mini-series. You know...I have to say...the shipper in me thinks the two of them are being written borderline close to becoming a couple. I know Cage has stated this is not going to happen, and I do like their dynamic now, but there have been moments between them in the previous nine issues now that could be really close to getting together moments!!! I kind of want this to happen now. I doubt it ever will as long as Cage is on the book. Also more progess on the Giles resurrection arc as well.
I sort of wanted it before, but not now - I haven't liked their dynamic in Angel & Faith, because Faith has been idealizing/whitewashing Angel too much and stroking his ego. Instead of acting like his "sponsor", she's been acting like his cheerleader in awe of him because he helped her once. Things like telling herself that Angel has saved the world five or six times (?) so he was redeemed for killing Giles even before he did it (?!) or trying to even put a positive spin on his stint as Twilight, crediting him for destroying the Seed which she described as a positive thing that prevents future apocalypses. (That's like "I signaled her with my eyes".) It continues in this issue with her "even Spike" remark - like she's implying, oh Angel, you're the most speshual vampire hero and that Spike can't hold a candle to you. Now she even seems to be on board with him resurrecting Giles. With that attitude, Faith can just enable Angel to keep making the same mistakes - this series is treating his guilt as Sexy Noble Brooding, rather than something he should learn from in order not to do the same things (and they've so far failed in addressing Angel's crimes as Twilight, instead conveniently focusing on the Angelus days and on the killing of Giles which he did while possessed; especially since Nadira has been sidelined).

I hope that this is actually a part of the story that we're going to see, how this is going to lead to Angel and Faith making more mistakes before really examining Angel's flaws and the reasons why he did what he did, so he can learn to do away with his Hero complex and not do things make decisions for others and decide who's worth saving or what other people need - and not make 'shortcuts to redemption'. It was ironic when he told Faith that there are not shortcuts to redemption, while he's in the process of trying to resurrect Giles (and seems to think that this would just fix everything he did... as if he didn't kill many other people).
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