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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

Honestly people?! What's the hype.

After your raving reviews I went there yesterday and boy was I disappointed.

The first half of the film is slow, so slow... the dialogues are lame and pathetic. With the exception of Robert Downey Jr., Tom Hiddleston and Mark Rufallo the actors perfrom really statically. Even the usually excelent actress Scarlett Johansson performs underwhelingly. Evans and Hemsworth are not even worth mentioning.
And then the Technobabble... Ionic compensator here, Flux field modulator there... It was like listening to a random Voyager episode... Someone in the audience said "Boring" and people started to laugh...

The SFX sequences are great, and as soon as the aircraft carrier is attacked the film finally gains speed and action but until then the 70 minutes feel tiresome and boring. Dialogue seems forced and the whole direction like a TV show rather than a big budget blockbuster movie.

I enjoyed the effects (ILM once again), but I did not find the character chemistry so many here talk about. Even worse: Some characters just behave like idiots. When Iron Man fights Thor, Loki is waiting... for what? I mean he could get away within those 10 minutes of fight (which feel like an hour or so)...

The score is lame and exchangable.

For me it was a huge letdown. Actually I went in there to just enjoy the visuals (especially after the mediocre movies THOR and CA), but I had to fight through the first hour to get what I wanted...

What a disappointment.
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