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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

Harvey wrote: View Post
That's ridiculous, especially because her review isn't all that bad.
Yes, but she misspelled Nick Fury-Nick Frost! And she's female!

Two hideous crimes for some geeks...

Here is Nicholson's response..

When I realized what I'd stumbled into, I made myself vow I'd never read the comments for my own sanity. And, honestly, I didn't have to. I've seen this pile-on happen before to my critic friends -- male and female -- and it's always the same, though men get more death threats while women get more poetry like, "Whose $%#@ did you suck to get your job?" It's telling that among all the hatemail, I've only gotten one email that actually wanted to argue the substance of my review. Many more self-described comic book guys have taken the time to write and apologize on behalf of their fellow fans, which was a nice surprise. No worries, guys -- I still love nerds.
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