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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

So, here's my Extreme Rules predictions. I've not said an awful lot recently due to WWE being dire. Lesnar and Cena's not done anything, Albert has returned as the most boring thing ever, Clay and Hornswoggle vs Ziggler and Swagger was booked as an actual match. This is possibly the worst the company's been since...well, over a year. TNA, on the other hand, has been genuinely good.

Cena vs Lesnar
Who I want to win: Can't decide
Who I think will win: Cena
Cena's not likely to job clean 2 PPVs in a row after not doing so for about 4 years. This whole Lesnar return's been a bit dull on the whole. Every Raw and Smackers they play the same interview with Lesnar and there's not been anything memorable besides Lesnar's potatoing Cena in the mouth. The contract signing that capped off a Raw that was unusually dire seemed to have no script. Cena's new green t-shirt is ugly too. Just really hard to get excited about.

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan
Who I want to win: Daniel Bryan
Who I think will win: Sheamus
They'd be stupid not to give Bryan back the belt; he's massively over. So of course, Sheamus will probably win. Sheamus is awful. He's especially rubbish as a face though; there's no difference between his face character and the Big Show's; all grinning and bland, only he'll kick you in the head by surprise. What a cheeky chappie eh. But at least the 2 out of 3 falls stipulation means he'll have to work a proper match for the first time since his feud with Christian last year (I genuinely can't think of a full and proper match he's had since if we don't include the Royal Rumble).

CM Punk vs Jericho
Who I want to win: Jericho
Who I think will win: Jericho
At least some effort's gone into this feud, can't fault that. It's a shame this can't be a straight wrestling match considering their WM match was the best of the year so far, but that's the nature of the post-WM PPV. I suspect Jericho may win, simply because his return was so massively hyped it'd be rendered pointless for a title reign not to follow. If he doesn't, I won't be massively disappointed so long as the match is good (which it ought to be).

Orton vs Kane
Who I want to win: Kane
Who I think will win: Orton
Whoever wins will likely be catapulted (back) up to the main event, despite the fact that even if Orton wins you'd think the Wrestlemania encounter ought to carry more relevance. If you include their Raw match then they're 1-1, so I guess this is the decider. Hopefully it's Kane. He's much better. More likely Orton will find his way back up to championship contention. How boring that would be.

Big Show vs Cody Rhodes
Who I want to win: Rhodes
Who I think will win: Big Show
Rhodes was doing well with the IC championship. He's a good wrestler. Big Show isn't. He's boring and useless. But at least a lot of credibilty's been brought back to the IC belt. Unlike...

Santino vs Miz
Who I want to win: Miz
Who I think well win: Miz
I don't like the Miz. He's not a good wrestler. But he used to be credible, and giving him the US title would hopefully raise its profile out of the gutter. Santino's a joke. The comic relief should not hold a championship. He is a capable wrestler, but while his finisher's the cobra and his gimmick is that he acts like a f***ing idiot, it devalues the US title.

Beth Phoenix vs Nikki Bella
Who I want to win: Beth
Who I think will win: Nikki
All signs point to Beth losing due to her kayfabe injury and Nikki being a transitional champion for Kharma. That's fair enough, but if true then there's no need to have this on the PPV instead of TV.
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