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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Justice League just baffles me. It was hyped up to be THE book of the New 52, with Johns and Lee working together for the first time, with all the major characters of the DCU. It is considered the flagship book of the New 52 as well, one of the major selling points. What has been extremely disappointing is Johns writing of the characters as nothing more than un-likeable caricatures of each other, even Aquaman who he writes near perfectly in the solo book, is written different in Justice League. The origin story was bizarre in the way it was structured and written as well. At least Jim Lee was bringing it...his art was pretty fantastic. Can't say the same for Johns writing. I haven't been this disappointed by a book in a long time that I was highly anticipating at first.
Agree completely. The juvenile behavior didn't really bother me much in the first 6 issues, because they were just meeting and getting to know each other (and Lee's art made it all look so damn cool).

But I just flipped through the latest issue and holy shit. All the stuff with Green Arrow trying to join the team, and the constant joking around at his expense, just made these guys seem like the most immature group of assholes ever.

I can understand Johns wanting to make the characters seem "fun and edgy", but he forgot that they still need to act like freakin adults as well.
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