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Re: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Comic Book "Reboot."

I saw the new Diamond Previews and Casey Jones is getting one also.

So I read issue #9 of the reboot and things are finally coming to a full on boil. The little tangents from the micro one shots are interwoven here and we not only see Karai but the final page reveal of The Shredder.
No longer in shadow. Not seen as foot soldier in spy mode but full on Shredder!! I so can't wait for issue #10 to arrive.

What also arrived was my TMNT Ultimate Collections vol.2 and it looks as good as the first volume!!

Ultimate Collection vol.3 is up for pre-order at Amazon but I'm going to hold off a bit more. Release isn't until June. But I will get it as it seems once it's out of stock it's out for awhile. A friend of mine who thought they'd be easily available is regretting that choice as vol.1 has yet to go back to press and has been out of stock for months now. Ebay prices are 200% the original MSRP.
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