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Re: Brad Bird all but confirmed as "Mission: Impossible IV" director

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I don't expect the movies to be exactly like the show. But each of the previous three films had at least one sequence that payed lip service to the show. In the first one it was the mission at the Embassy that went tits up. In the second one it took place at a race track. And the third one was the sequence in the Vatican.

My question is does this film have at least one sequence like that?
Just watched this today for the first time. As my post above shows, I've long given up the idea that the movies will play out like the show at all. But I was really surprised with this one, it felt the the most like the show, and it was nice seeing Cruise share the screen with an actual team this time. Unlike Ethan being the sole star of the previous 3.

Probably my favorite since the first, and I'm really kicking myself for not seeing it in theaters. I say bring on a fifth film!
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