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Re: Star Trek, what I think it should be.....

Ack, those spoilers! From books, but they don't count, but still...

That may be horrifying but it's not the kind of gut-level horrifying I'm talking about. What I mean is, the kind of series that some people will refuse to watch at 10pm because they can't sleep afterwards, and will have to save it on their DVR till the next day just for their mental stability.

One reason I'm not much of a horror fan is that it appeals mostly to the base, raw emotional reaction for its entertainment...
It can do that, but ideally, it can also do more. The Walking Dead is a good example of how to strike a balance between the talky part that advances the characterizations, character conflicts and theme/morality, and the action part where zombies try to eat everyone.

Sure, some of the audience gets antsy during the talky part, and the ratings did dip during the middle of the season when it was talktalktalk, but then ratings went through the roof for the ultra-violent final episodes, so no harm done.

I just think a lot of the potential audience for Star Trek (which is the same as the audience for any sci fi series) has been so jaded by ultra-violent video games that any series that needs the male demographic in order to survive, is going to have to ramp up the violence just to not seem overly tame and toothless by today's standards. You can decry the coarsening of society all you want, but that's not going to solve the problem.
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