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Re: Virtual *TOS* Enterprise for STV:Elite Force - WIP

Here is the Main Cargo Bay of the TOS Enteprise, which rests just forward of the main shuttlebay like that of the TMP Enterprise. I, of course, had to use some creativity in designing the bay, since it has never been shown on screen. I wanted it to have a TOS feel to it rather than recreate the design from TMP, so I took a more angular approach with the architcture, and abandoned the idea of using modular cargo containers in favor of a more traditional cargo bay, with dissimilar containers organized into small grated holds.

The observation deck (on the far wall in the first screenshot) is part of the observation deck that surrounds the shuttlebay, so one could look into the cargo bay and shuttlebay easily from the deck.

Various containers, designed after cargo containers seen throughout TOS episodes, mainly ones from "Dagger of the Mind":

And the cargo transporter, which is accessed by the large blue doors in the far wall from the second screenshots. This area is influenced by the Franz Joseph's Cargo Transporter schematics features in the Starfleet Technical Manual. Note the anti-grav units on the wall to the left:

Stay tuned for screenshots of Auxiliary Control, Phaser Control Room, Computer Core, Photorp Launch Center, and more!
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