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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book One: Air

Uh-oh... the opening credits this week used the title The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra instead of just The Legend of Korra. I hope that was a mistake. The Nickelodeon preview for next week still used TLoK, but that's not conclusive.

This was an interesting examination of Korra's fears, and it was good to see her show new facets -- not instantly reacting brashly and aggressively as we'd expect, but showing a more vulnerable side. And when she did let herself get provoked into rashness (as Tarrlok knew she would once the press confronted her), she overcompensated for her fear and got reckless, and it was almost disastrous.

I'm a little ticked off that they went for the villain cliche of "I won't kill you yet because the time is not right," which is often a cheesy and contrived way to make sure the hero survives. But I guess being concerned about her becoming a martyr is a plausible interpretation. Though if he's smart, he'll wait a while and then try to arrange an "accident" that won't be linked to him. Of course, in that case there'd still be a new Avatar born into the Earth Kingdom, but it would be another 17-18 years before that Avatar would pose a challenge, and Amon could accomplish a great deal in that time.

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- I like Mako's new lady friend. Beautiful and sophisticated. I couldn't help but think that something is up though.
Yeah, Asami is gorgeous -- almost as gorgeous as the actress who plays her, Seychelle Gabriel (who was also Princess Yueh in the Shyamalan movie). And it's good to hear Daniel Dae Kim as her father.

Although Korra cleans up real nice herself. She looked lovely in her party outfit.

As for something being up, I wondered that myself. I'm concerned about the Avatar wearing a team uniform with the Future Industries logo on it. It might create the appearance of favoritism. And I'm wondering if that's the whole reason Mr. Sato wants to sponsor the team the Avatar is on.

Then again, Hiroshi Sato is already the most successful businessman in the Republic, so I'm not sure why he'd need to try to grab onto the Avatar's coattails. But if Councillor Tarrlok wanted a piece of Korra for his own purposes, I'm sure others do as well.

- At the end of the episode, I got to thinking that Tenzin is Amon.
Impossible. At the end of episode 1, we saw Tenzin standing next to Korra at her press conference, and then cut to Amon listening to the conference live on the radio.

Also, how could Tenzin change his voice to sound like Steve Blum? Although I guess if anyone could disguise their voice that well, an airbender could.
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