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Re: David Slade's DAREDEVIL Reboot.

I liked the Affleck movie, I think they caught the right story (the Miller Electra/Bullseye arc.)

As petty as it may seem, the huge thing I didn't like about the movie was the leather suit, it looked completely restrictive, uncomfortable, stiff, and not at all in synch with DD's style of acrobatics and fighting. I say this as someone who's worn similar leathers for biking, I wouldn't wear them in Karate class.

Because I was distracted by this throughout the film, it really detracted from the good things. With Keaton's Batman, it was stylised and tongue-in-cheek enough that the rubber suit actually kind of worked, but in a more serious style of movie, like Nolan's films, it needs a more realistic texture to be remotely plausible and not distracting. Daredevil is much the same, and in fact I think a Nolan-style take on the character would work even better than with Batman.

But generally the plot, dialogue, action scenes, actors, characterizations, etc., all worked for me. Not brilliant but enjoyable and there are a number of scenes I found memorable.
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