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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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Wifi and its dematerialization affect still make LESS to target than the previous more local hardware based communication in war.
Yes, which means the WiFi network is that much easier to take out, since only a handful of targets need to be struck to disable it entirely. This is a fairly different case from, say, cable communications with its many redundant lines or conventional radio which can only be blocked by jamming or precision targeting of all possible transmitters; you could produce a pretty effective WiFi blackout in a given area just by bombing a half dozen base stations whose locations are already well known.
The US and other advanced countries have had a hell of a time with their futuristic comm networks, but the theory of making wifi more survivable is making the technology more mobile they increase survivability. One nation that has done it right is the Israelis. They made the tech simple and redundant. Apparently it is also "hack proof".
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