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Re: Fox renews Fringe!

I've never seen this show, but heard good things. As some of you may know from my comments in other sections of the board, parallel universe stories are my favorite type of sci-fi stories, and the thought of an entire show devoted to that is interesting (I'm still disapointed that SLIDERS turned into shit as fast as it did).

Anyway, I almost bought the existing season sets of FRINGE last week, but held off because of the possibility of season three being the last, I figured it would only be a matter of time before a complete series set was released. Now I'm thinking if such a set is released, it'll be another year down the road.

So my question is this: are the current DVD sets worth getting, or should I just watch the show online, something I don't enjoy much, I'd rather see what I'm watching on my big screen, and I don't want to waste money on the individual sets if a complete series edition is released next year (and yeah, I know it's too soon for news of that, I'm just going on how past shows have been released).

So, FRINGE fans, tell me, is this show worth an investment, or should I wait for the big set we all know will (eventually) be released?
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