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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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Voice Recognition technology as primary input (instead of keyboard/mouse) by 2020

Artificial intelligence for children to interact with when no friends or siblings 2020

NFC/RFID Readers in mobile phones RFID chips in many retail products changing retail industry completely 2015-2020

Fiber-to-The-Home in the rural & suburban areas of the USA delivering Internet access as well as HD Video-on-demand services. Including state legislation that all commercial and residential new structures be prewired/cabled for fiber to every unit.

Self-driving cars around 2025
Such AI already exists! SIRI for example.

Voice recognition can be used everyday by the avg person. I have it on my phone but rarely use it. I was in a cell phone store yesterday and the software translated everything spoken in the demo perfectly.

I'm wondering just how much fiber optics are going to be used as wi-fi penetrates our life further.
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