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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Discussion

I thought the "big dance" was the finale. Well, in the finale, I say: 1) Klaus will die; 2) something will happen to Alaric that doesn't mean he's off the show for good, but gives him a good excuse to be MIA a lot; and 3) Elena chooses Damon (at least for now...)

In related news, the CW is unhappy with their whole non-vampiric lineup and might take a meat cleaver to their existing shows. (The show about witches might survive for another season, on probation.) Matt Davis' new pilot Cult looks like a strong contender for pickup.

In fact this tv season overall has been the absolute worst one ever in my opinion. Nothing worth a crap to watch.
Broadcast has been the worst in recent memory, maybe longer...Grimm has shaped up very nicely. Once Upon a Time is fun (but unfocused as of yet). Other than that...eek.

Here's hoping the new crop of shows do better next fall. NBC and the CW in particular are going to have to pick up a large number of pilots. Fox, too, but they have very little that looks interesting.
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