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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

Well, the TAS shuttlecraft basically are my designs since they're only conceptually similar to what was seen onscreen. But the 22nd century starship is mine whole cloth. While there are design cues familiar to Trek designs it certainly not like whats been seen there. It's particularly different than ENT's NX-01.

I drew this about fifteen or so years ago. I have some ideas for updating it.

I've always liked this idea. I also envisioned it as a flexible platform that could be adapted to other purposes. The top two variants are essentially the same thing, a deepspace survey ship with an attachable cargo module for occasional situations. However, you could have a variant devoted primarily to transport duties while also able to haul large large bulk cargo modules. The last version is essentially a medical ship/transport with medical support modules that can be moved from place to place. Think a space faring M*A*S*H of the 22nd century.
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