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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Pilot Buzz Update.

Kind of a mixed bag of good news/bad news...just like in previous years, this process is always disappointing and frustrating.

On the male/genre side, LAST RESORT looks solid, GOTHAM came in OK, while 666 PARK AVE has started to fade after very strong early buzz. There is not much feedback on ZERO HOUR or the UNTITLED ROLAND EMMERICH dramas, but word is the former came in too long and the latter came in stronger than expected, with both reportedly still in contention. As for BEAUTY & THE BEAST, because of extensive visual effects, it hasn’t been seen in its finished form yet.
I like how they're assuming anything but the straight-up soaps are "male." They've got some fantasy/soaps on the genre side that also skew female. Do they really think Beauty & the Beast is for guys? Everything ABC does skews female - Last Resort is the only exception on this list, being (arguably) sci fi as well action/military.

I'm most interested in 666 Park Ave. Zero Hour and the Emmerich show (which is about the antichrist running for President - I thought it had been renamed Dark Horse already) are interchangeable in my mind, along with NBC's Midnight Sun - more Children of Lost - which don't have a great track record in living up to their initial promise.

DO NO HARM...has lost some momentum but is still very solid. Another early frontrunner, mystery drama MIDNIGHT SUN, has cooled off. I hear Western-flavored FRONTIER is well-liked among NBC brass despite mixed testing results...Off-cycle pilot BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE is cold.
Rats, Beautiful People is one of the more interesting premises this year. (However, in the past I've seen shows do a 180 from cold to hot right before upfronts.) Frontier would be a huge risk, but would be very different from the normal broadcast routine, and I'd love to see it.

JJ Abrams' Revolution is still not being mentioned, but someone in the comments section claims its DOA. No great loss.

Along with early frontrunners ARROW and THE CARRIE DIARIES, I hear BEAUTY & THE BEAST came in good and is picking up momentum. CULT continues to be strong, with Hunger Games-esque THE SELECTION...
Because everything on the CW that doesn't include the ever-smouldering Damon Salvatore is doing crappy, all the pilots have a good shot at being picked up. I wanna see Alaric vs. T-Bag (aka Cult) as well as the Hunger Games ripoff.

CBS and FOX have no genre pilots in contention.

TNT is also listed - my favorite, LA Noir, is said to be "quiet." TNT would be nuts not to pick of a series with that kind of cast and pedigree!
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